Lark is a modern calligraphic typeface, inspired by the stroke of the broad-edged nib and the translation contrast model it creates when writing. Its sharp in-strokes are paired with flared details to produce a structured yet musical rhythm. Lark brings a nice warmth to any project as a modern display face.

Shana Hu

Shana Hu always loved drawing letters, long before she knew what lettering or type design was. While studying computer science at UC Berkeley, she discovered graphic design and typography, which led her to pursue an interdisciplinary career as a product designer. Since graduating, she's been designing digital products at Pinterest and improving her lettering and type eye through Type@Cooper West. You can find Shana at @shanaletters on Instagram or at You can find Shana at @shanaletters on Instagram, or at

Lark Bold
I can see the stars come through my room
Lark Bold Italic
While your loving attitude is like a flame that lights the gloom
Lark Medium
On the wings of every kiss drifts a melody so strange and sweet
Lark Medium Italic
In this sentimental bliss you make my paradise complete
Lark Regular
Rose pearls seem to fall. It's all like a dream to call you mine
Lark Regular Italic
My heart's a lighter thing since you made me this night a thing divine
Lark Light
In a sentimental mood within a world so heavenly
Lark Light Italic
For I never dreamt that you'd be loving sentimental me