Peasy is a humanist sans serif typeface with low contrast between the thicks and thins and slightly flared stroke endings. The weights of the roman are interpolated and range from book to heavy weights. The rounded forms in Peasy are not based on pure geometric shapes—instead, they are meant to echo the touch of the pen. Roman and italic styles of Peasy are intended for text sizes in print or on screen. The family includes an expressive stencil design good for large-scale display editorial and branding applications. The curving stencil forms of this style fold into themselves, not unlike a yeasted bread roll.

Peter Cho

Peter has loved type for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he begged his parents to buy fonts for him that he could play with on his Macintosh Plus computer. Years later, at Type@CooperWest, he learned how much he loves not only using typography but also making new typefaces. He spends his days working as Head of Design at Pocket and his nights experimenting with type and code. You can find Peter at @pchocho on Instagram, or at

Peasy Book
A mad boxer shot a quick, gloved jab to the jaw of his dizzy opponent.
Peasy Italic
Jinxed wizards pluck ivy from the big quilt.
Peasy Medium
Jinxed wizards pluck ivy from the big quilt.
Peasy Bold
Jinxed wizards pluck ivy from the big quilt.
Peasy Heavy
Five quacking zephyrs jolt my wax bed.
Peasy Stencil
Two driven jocks help fax my big quiz.