Rancho is a recreational, high-contrast display slab serif; it's been cut and carved with physical and digital tools while rooted in the modular forms of wood type. Rancho's bigness and boldness are qualities it really likes about itself. Use it in huge signs meant to shock and surprise, or try it on for size as sports ephemera – while there's no performance guarantee, your team will be sure to look bold on and off the field.

Natalie Uduwela

Natalie dabbles in design and development, and although she's been drawing letters since grade school, she only recently discovered that type design is the perfect combination of these two interests. Now she codes by day and makes letters by night and counter space haunts her dreams. Post T@CW she hopes to continue exploring the ways technology can expand the possibilities of type. You can find Nat at @nazzle on Instagram, or at natalieuduwela.com.

Rancho Bold
Rancho Bernardo High School opened in September 1990 as Poway Unified's third high school.
Rancho Regular
The school's sports teams go by the name "The Broncos". Their school colors are blue, silver, and white.
Rancho Bold Italic
High school is a term primarily used to describe the level of education students receive from approximately thirteen to eighteen years old.